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NEXT-IMAGE College: Paris Dialogue

NEXT-IMAGE College: Paris Dialogue

Dialogue and growth: Witnessing the power of imagery in Paris

At the first NEXT-IMAGE College held in Paris, France, 21 photographers from six different countries spent two days gathered together for lively discussions and exercises in professional mobile photography. Each taking up a mobile phone (and not a DSLR), they began a dialogue, embarked on a journey, and together grew as professionals.

This March, also in Paris, Huawei launched its P20 series flagship phone. In the weeks following the release of the P20, photographers from China, France, Mexico, Chile, Lebanon, and the United States and senior smartphone users tried out the new product's features and commenced a dialogue sharing their experiences using Huawei phones for photography.

Mr. Kevin Ho, President of Huawei’s Handsets Product Line, and Mark Lubell, Executive Director of the International Center of Photography, were there to greet the discussion participants, to present the Huawei P20 series camera functions, as well as to share their outlook on the future of mobile photography. The photographers present shared choice pieces taken with the P20 series.

The photographers in attendance were divided into four small teams which respectively visited Pont Alexandre III, Notre Dame de Paris, Montmartre, and Rue Crémieux (a charming, colorful cobbled street). The four teams traveled throughout Paris to explore the fashion and classical attractions, focusing on capturing their impressions of the intersection between technology and time-honored craftsmanship.

After four hours of pooling their creative energies, the four groups selected the best photos to represent their work and shared their inspiration and creation process with the other groups. The premium photo shooting functions of the P20 series were central to the discussion. To round off the occasion, Li Changzhu, Vice President of Huawei Handsets Product Line, issued certificates of achievement to the participants.

Photographers enthusiastically shared their creations.

©Su Li

©Xin Li

©Banny Wang

©Su Li

©Matthieu Venot

©La Petite Touche

©Marc Nouss

©Li Changzhu


©Cocu Liu

©Niels Ackermann

©Cocu Liu

©Niels Ackermann

In 2017, Huawei launched the NEXT-IMAGE Plan, which demonstrated the culmination of Huawei's efforts to redefine visual expression and culture with more professional and intuitive smartphone cameras. With the right technology and a unique style, Huawei wants to explore the next generation of visual imagery together with smartphone users around the globe. As an important part of the NEXT-IMAGE Plan, the Next-Image College arranges a series of photography activities, inviting photographer celebrities and senior Huawei phone users to participate in photo shooting events and discussions of phonetography innovation and future trends.

The Huawei Next-Image College was set up in Paris as a venue for photography enthusiasts to learn, improve themselves, and experience the new world brought by mobile photography. Subsequent events are set to take place in the near future. Stay tuned!