About 2017 Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards
Final deadline for all submissions: November 20, 2017
Rules and Regulations

All submissions to the Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards shall consist of images or videos taken using Huawei phones, without restriction as to when the images or videos were recorded or as to which model of Huawei phone was used. The images or videos submitted may only have been graphically edited using a Huawei phone (third-party processing software used on your Huawei phone will be accepted). The length of the image's shortest side must be at least 800 pixels, and the data volume of a single image shall not exceed 20 MB. Any videos submitted are allowed to have been processed by computer or phone software, but the originals must still have been captured on a Huawei phone. The data volume of a single video file shall not exceed 100 MB. You can submit your videos in .mp4, .3gp, .wmv, .rm, .rmvb, or .asf format.

Before the final selection, the organizer will conduct a thorough verification of all submissions. All contestants should then submit all original image and video files from their Huawei phone along with all relevant information. Files submitted past the deadline or submissions not conforming to the organizer's standards will be treated as an automatic disqualification, with any vacancies to be filled by runners-up in order of precedence.

The choice whether to take part in this contest is entirely voluntary on the part of the participants. Once a participant has engaged in any stage of the contest, in part or in full, this will be seen as the participant understanding and fully consenting to all competition rules and the organizer's interpretation of their terms.

There are seven categories: @All; Me, Myself and I; Hello, Life!; Check-In; Citizen Witness; 3x3; and Timeline
NEXT-IMAGE Finalists: Fifty finalists will be selected in the final selection, each awarded with HUAWEI Mate 10
NEXT-IMAGE Best-in-Category Awards: Seven best-in-category award winners will be announced in the final selection. Each will be awarded with a HUAWEI MateBook X and HUAWEI Mate 10
NEXT-IMAGE Grand Prize: One NEXT-IMAGE creative champion will be selected from the seven best-in-category award winners. The champion will receive $20,000 (USD) of Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Funds as an encouragement for his/her "Next-Image" creations over the following year. The creation direction is subject to joint discussions of the winner, Huawei, and ICP.
Participation Fees
Registration for this competition will not require any costs or fees. Each participant may submit up to twenty items for review, a submission item consisting of either one photo, one 3x3 set, or one video file. Before the deadline is reached, contestants will be able to modify and edit their submissions on the official website.
Return of Works Submitted for Competition
Any work submitted for the competition will not be returned. Only winning submissions will be kept for promotional purposes. The Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards Committee does not bear responsibility for the loss or damage of any submissions. In principle only electronic files will be accepted for submission, and any files submitted by the creator that are either lost or do not pass inspection due to the fault of the creator, as well as responsibility for any associated losses and consequences, will be borne by the creator themselves.
Copyright and Disclaimer of Submitted Works
All participants hereby authorize the organizer to use their submitted articles in their activities, products, and brand promotion efforts, up to a period of two years. This includes but is not limited to the use of works in online media, advertising, print media, film, retail, roadshows, and other promotional media and activities. The organizer is not required to notify the participant or obtain their consent before using their submission in these cases. The organizer includes Huawei Technologies and its affiliates, strategic partners, cooperating submission platforms, and other associated agencies.
All participants swear to abide by the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China and those of their own or resident countries, and shall not use this platform to publish any illegal information, including seditious, pornographic, violent, or terrorist images and/or data. Should any work be found to violate national laws or regulations, or if the organizer believes that a breach of public order or social welfare has been caused, the offending item will be disqualified from competition.
Award Notification
After the award winners are announced, the organizer will contact the winners by the email address or phone number they have previously provided, and send them the awards by mail after identity authentication.
If an award cannot be distributed to the participant due to the participant's own fault (including but not limited to failure to fill in contact information within three days after the contest ends, or by providing inaccurate or incomplete contact information leaving the organizer unable to contact the participant), it shall be deemed that the individual has waived the right to claim the award. In the aforesaid case, the organizer shall not assume any liabilities arising therefrom, and no award shall be distributed to the participant in question. The organizer will not bear responsibility in this case, and will not reissue any awards.
All personal income tax generated from this event will be borne by the winning participant. Shipping costs, both domestic and international, will be borne by the organizer.